Transformers and Rectifiers India Ltd. facilitates a constant After Sales Service to all its customers across the globe. TARIL also extends its supports for their customers for taking-up after sales services of transformers of other makes, depending on customer’s critical / emergency requirements. In line with these plans, TARIL has set-up 5 service units across India (at AHMEDABAD, DELHI, KOLKATA, BANGALORE & MUMBAI ) All these Servicing Units are equipped with latest machinery, tools, testing equipment and well qualified & experienced personnel.

Our Service Engineers are competent enough to identify the root cause of failure and can also repair the transformers in site itself, if defects are minor in nature. Micro level care will be taken to ensure the longevity of the refurbished transformers at the most effective price.

Few transformers fail due to old age per se, but rather as a consequence of external faults, short circuit faults, insulation failure (dielectric failure), local overheating (causing gassing) or accessory failure (e.g. bushings, tap changers, coolers, surge-arresters).

Repairing a transformer instead of replacing can substantially reduce investment costs and provide a faster turnaround than buying a new transformer. In repairing old transformers where the manufacturer may no longer be in existence and/or the design is obsolete and a like for like new replacement cannot be obtained, there may be significant savings in infrastructure costs and civil works in using the existing tank and design.