• T & R has extensive experience in delivering all types of transformers to all parts of the world. The combination of highly qualified technicians, local expertise and high quality equipment enhances the speed and efficiency of this vital operation.
  • Repairs and refurbishment consist basically of reusing existing materials, such as steel, oil and copper. The T&R factory in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) is equipped to fully repair and refurbish your transformer, while giving economic and technologicalbenefit,withoutcompromising quality.
  • Up gradation of all type transformer make & like rewinding’s, cooling arrangement, rating enhancement with minimum losses design.
  • For preventive maintenance, refurbishment also known as reconditioning, is a frequent used option, in where equipment is taken to our work shop for a full repairing, thorough cleaning and individual component analysis and replacement according the maintenance schedule.
  • We can repair & refurbish any make Transformer at works or on site, within adequate time and with satisfactory results.


  • T & R has supplied spare parts for all ratings & make of transformer in past.
  • Spare parts or exchange units can be stored globally, within your own country or directly at your premises – you decide.

We are also giving solution & spares for other make transformer & supply spares also after site visit.


  • T & R provide technical training at site & as well as on works also.
  • Training is design based on the people skills & there competency.
  • T&R also provide training at on site & at the time of FAT.
  • Training may vary according to the background of the company, plant or personnel. We offer training in the following areas, among others:

1. Different Products & there Manufacturing process.
2. Site Commissioning and Testing
3. Transformer Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic.
4. Basic Design and fundamentals.
5. Transformer Oil Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) and Furan Analysis.
6. DO’S & DON’TS for Power Transformers.
7. Erection, Testing and Commissioning of transformer


  • T & R have its own testing van with all the testing facilities like tan Delta, Turns ratio meter, Winding resistance, egger etc.
  • We do oil testing in our NABL accredited lab and provide services related to the same for oil testing.
  • Because of the substantial investment in power transformers and their importance as a major factor that affects system reliability, transformer asset management can be assumed to be one of the most important areas of equipment asset management. In most cases, unscheduled transformer outages due to unexpected failures are disastrous.
  • We conduct entire tests in our lab & give faster solution based on the site report to customers.