The rectifier transformer is acting as link between the grid and the AC to DC converters. Application of rectifier transformer is to provide required number of phases, voltage shifts needed to realize the conversion and to adjust the rectifier input to vary the DC output voltage. Rectifier transformer is generally used in various applications such as electrolysis process, aluminium smelting, graphitizing etc.

Rectifier transformers are associated with very high secondary currents encompassed with huge harmonic content caused by semiconductors devices connected to transformer.

Depending upon client need TRIL offers:

  • Inbuilt Snubber circuit to overcome transient over voltages
  • LV terminals with or without water cooling, mounting on side or top of the tank.
  • Tube or plate type oil to water heat exchanger.

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Product Range

TRIL Rectifier transformer product range covers 160 kA, various types include:

  • 6 Pulse Transformer (IPT)
  • 12/24 Pulse Transformer (IPT and double deck construction)
  • 12/24 Pulse Transformer (Bridge construction)

Auto transformers offers economical optimized solution for interconnection in grids while compared to conventional two winding power transformers. TARIL offers wide range of Auto transformers including constant or variable flux regulation, with or without tertiary winding in both single phase and three phase combinations upto 500 MVA and 1200 kV class.

The generator step-up unit transformers have delta-connected LV windings energized by the generator voltage and star connected HV winding connected to the transmission grid. TARIL offers wide range of generator step up unit transformers suitable for thermal, hydro and nuclear plant applications upto 1000 MVA, 765 kV class.

Small and medium power transformers are used mainly to evacuate solar and wind power generated to the main grid as well as catering plant loads. TARIL offers wide range of small to medium power transformers with tailor made requirements upto 150 MVA and 400 kV class.

The trackside traction transformers are used for stepping down the grid voltage levels for the railway network. Track side transformers undergoes severe duty conditions include overloading and frequent short circuit during service life. TARIL offers wide range of trackside traction transformers suiting railway requirements upto 50 MVA, 220 kV class.


TARIL Advantage:

Dynamic Short circuit tested designs

Attractive delivery

Excellent service record

Unit and station auxiliary transformers are used in thermal stations for feeding auxiliary power to various equipment’s. TARIL offers wide range of unit and station auxiliary transformers upto 125 MVA.

TARIL Advantage:
Dynamic Short circuit tested designs

Attractive delivery

Excellent service record