TARIL offers a wide range of power transformers from medium to ultra-high voltage (1200 kV AC) and from small (5 MVA) to very large power ratings (350 MVA) tailored to meet global customer’s needs.

Latest technologies in design, measurement and testing tools are applied in TARIL transformers to ensure each transformer meets and exceeds the latest industry standards, as well as operational and customer specifications. Sophisticated and extensive simulation tools are used at TARIL to prove the product design and ensure superior product performance in the field. Reliable design is supported by state-of-art manufacturing and extensive quality control. Power transformers designed and manufactured by TARIL provides exceptional performance, quality and reliability.

Sustainability goals

We offer the most complete industrial solutions in the century for the research, design & development of materials.

Guaranteed quality

The procedures and techniques that are used during the building process

Product Range

Converter transformers multi pulse, multi winding rectifier Transformers for Motor Drives applications where in number of secondary winding varies from 2 to 40. These transformers are supplied to meet the requirement of LV and MV drives and specifically designed to mitigate the effects of harmonics generated by drives.

Depending upon client need TRIL offers:

  • Windings as per client needs.
  • Copper and Aluminum wound
  • Hermetically sealed type.
  • Transformers with corrugated cooling fins.
  • Inbuilt Snubber circuit to overcome transient over voltages
  • Mineral oil or ester filled.

Earthing transformer is a special purpose transformer with zigzag or interconnected star winding, such transformers are used to provide earth fault protection where neutral is not available. TRIL offers earthing transformer with or without auxiliary winding upto 33 kV class in both mineral oil filled or ester filled options.

Testing transformer is a customized and tailor made product equipped with multiple windings, tappings to obtain various combinations during electrical testing of any product. TRIL testing transformers are not only used for in-house testing but are also used by other transformer and motor manufacturers.

Depending upon client need TRIL offers:

  • Number of windings, tappings, vector group and terminals as per client needs.
  • Copper and Aluminum wound
  • Off circuit or on load tap changer
  • Mineral oil or ester filled
  • Compact foot print